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If you are really, truly ticked off about the lack of a Start button in Home windows 8, and can't wait around for the launch of Windows eight.1, you only have until Oct. 18 to wait around. Microsoft made the announcement (via The Verge) on Wednesday.

The elegance I personally discovered with this software is it has this fantastic feature of erasing all background records with just 1 click. Also you can effortlessly setup your computer systems startup, shutdown, community and menu displays which has usually been a pain for me.

To alter the method configuration with previous settings, you require to log on as an administrator. Go to Begin->Programs->Accessories->System Tools->System Restore.

Install a good, well-recognized anti-virus program (such as Norton, McAfee, AVG). Established up your anti-virus plan to download the newest virus definitions as frequently as possible and scan your computer on a every day or weekly foundation.

The windows operating system Must occupy the master boot record (MBR). Linux, on the other hand does not have to. In this situation, you must change my software 10 edition first! After Windows has been successfully installed, then you can set up Linux. This is critical! The Linux "boot loader" is known as GRUB. When you set up Linux--MAKE Certain YOU DO NOT Set up THE LINUX BOOT LOADER TO THE MBR.

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The graphics playing cards sometimes do not function that nicely with Linux. Some companies don't release their driver info for this working system. This indicates that you will get poor overall performance which means that your video games gained't be as smooth as they could be when operating Windows.

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